our mission


MG Moroccan Gold is a premium skincare and haircare brand that delivers to  you 100% pure argan oil  from the argan groves blanketing the landscape of southwestern Morocco. We believe in offering our customers the real goodness of nature in every bottle that we produce - with ZERO additives, fragrances, or chemicals.

We ensure that our customers enjoy a heavenly, luxurious, and revitalizing skin and hair care experience - one liquid gold drop at a time



why choose us for every season

100% Unfiltered. Extra Virgin. Raw. Ultra-Concentrated. Unadulterated. Just Pure. Natural. Organic. One premium argan oil ingredient in a bottle. This is what MG Moroccan Gold is made of.

At MG Moroccan Gold, we only deliver to you the best of the best from mother nature.

We cold press one small batch at a time so you can have the optimum luxurious experience with the meaning of Pure. We deeply care about what touches your skin and hair as we do with ours.

So this season let our argan oil soak up a healthy, youthful glow to your skin and illuminate a soft radiant sheen to your hair. We achieve these benefits by painstakingly searching for the cleanest argan nuts that produce the most oil-rich kernels loaded with Vitamin E, linoleic acid, oleic acid, and other powerhouse nutrients that your skin, face, body, nails, and hair will love and thirst for time and time again.

We give you nature's unadulterated gift, protect it in a dark amber bottle to preserve the oil's lifespan and deliver it to your doorstep in eco-friendly, recyclable, zero waste packaging materials to protect our world.



MG Moroccan Gold works only with ethical farm suppliers that selectively collect pristine argan fruits from the argan tree regions protected by UNESCO – the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Religious ethical influence over Moroccan culture to value all things “halal” – permissible and lawful - by default denounces cruelty to animals. Our team closely monitors the process on site from beginning to end to ensure that our argan oil is 100% uncompromised. No animal testing here.