MG Moroccan Gold

Duo Bottle Set: ARGAN OIL - LOVE & PEACE


100% unfiltered, purely concentrated, nutrient-rich Argania Spinosa (Argan) Kernel Oil.   

Our premium MG Moroccan Gold argan oil is curated from a carefully and selectively handpicked kernels to ensure that they yield only the purest and highest quality. Our argan oil is made to deliver an exquisite, velvety, luxurious, silky experience with an abundance of clean, naturally organic benefits. The kernels are cold pressed to perfection, never processed through heating and deodorization which damages, destabilizes, and strips the oil from its rich, essential, active, natural nutrients.  

Pure also means that our raw, unfiltered argan oil preserves nature’s design with its mild, natural, nutty aroma. This aroma dissipates after application due to the oil’s fast acting absorption. This nutty aroma is argan oil in its finest, unadulterated, natural liquid gold form. 

e 60 ML/ 2 FL OZ

We don’t test our MG Moroccan Gold argan oil on animals. 100% cruelty-free.


For women, start with one drop and directly apply to your face, lips, décolletage, body, hands, feet and hair. Use your fingertips or hands in gentle motion to massage the oil onto your skin and hair. Add on as you need.


For men, start with one drop on the palm of your hands, add on as you need. Apply gently as an aftershave to calm razor cuts or burns. Our oil will not only hydrate your skin but will also help to tame your hair, mustache or beard to give you that clean fresh look.

One Pure Ingredient.
One Solution In a Bottle.

• Unfiltered rawness preserves all the fast absorbing nutrients for intense lux hydration.

• Works as a natural, potent serum for wrinkles, fine lines, and rough skin texture.

• Serves as a powerful emollient and soothing reliever to sun damaged or irritated skin.

• Revives health and shine to dry, frizzy, and lifeless hair.

• Strengthen nails and softens dry cuticles.

• Moisturizes kissable but chapped, dry lips.

• Reduces and smooths stretch marks while restoring elasticity and tone.

• Calms razor burns and tames grooming regimen.

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