Not All Cosmetic Argan Oils Are Created Equal

Experience the Difference - MG Moroccan Gold - 100% Pure Argan Oil

Argan oil nourishes the skin, hair, and nails— if it is 100% pure Argania Spinosa kernel oil. MG Moroccan Gold is exactly that. 100% Pure.

But not all argan oils are created equal.  

The story begins just slightly over 20 years ago. The selling of cosmetic argan oil was once isolated to the local villages of Morocco with international sales being virtually nonexistent. In the years since, thanks in large part to the formation of Women-run Cooperatives, argan oil metamorphosed from a common, localized commodity into an international, billion-dollar cosmetic staple. Noticing the growing demand for this new popular "liquid gold" oil, a sudden influx of major companies and household names arrived on the argan oil scene, each emerging with their own flagship argan oil product. Unfortunately for those seeking the genuine article, some of those familiar giants in the cosmetic industry have been packaging and marketing argan oil that is not pure despite their claims to the contrary. Additives, fragrances, chemicals, preservatives, water, sunflower oil, deodorization, and repeated filtering through heat all render the purity nonexistent and the active nutrients in argan oil useless. 

Our company’s response to this is to simply introduce our product: MG Moroccan Gold

Our objective is to deliver you a product worthy of your trust. MG Moroccan Gold believes we can and have met this objective because we: 

(a) have researched and carefully selected the region from which the fruits are collected from; 

(b) have personally supervised every step of the process- from the cracking of the argan nut to the hand-selecting of the kernels, to the cold-pressing of the kernels;

(c) have monitored the delivery of and obtained the lab analysis results from our argan oil samples and have sent them to a Moroccan laboratory for chemical and pesticide detection, which has validated their purity; and

(d) have sent the final argan oil sample for a second lab analysis to Royaume Du Maroc for final validation of chemical and pesticide-free status and the declaration of organic, unroasted argan oil for export to the United States.  

MG Moroccan Gold has painstakingly researched and selected our suppliers to ensure that they meet our criteria for producing pure, natural, organic argan oil. 

We go to these lengths because MG Moroccan Gold is about building a trusting relationship with those who value using pure, natural skin and hair care products as part of their daily self-care ritual. With that, MG Moroccan Gold introduces its first product ambassador: ARGAN LOVE Pure Self Care --- unfiltered, raw, concentrated argan oil. 

Because our company retails only real, authentic, organic, unadulterated products as certified in Morocco, you are sure to notice the MG Moroccan Gold difference: the touch, the feel, the natural argan scent, the sight of liquid gold. When you feel the drops of our argan oil land on your skin or hair, you will feel its smooth, silky, exquisite texture.  You will smell the nutty, slight aroma, which is inextricable from real, pure argan oil. If you are curious, pour a small amount of our argan oil into a sanitized and clean glass bowl or cup and witness its golden color – the only color of true, uncompromised cosmetic argan oil. 

One IngredientOne Solution. One Community. Experience the difference. MG Moroccan Gold